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Develop your careers support and help position your students to employers.

If you are a school, college, university or other education institution, partner with us. We’ll share free insight on your students’ career aspirations, engagement and satisfaction and how these compare to the national average.

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Understand your students and their needs

  • Your unique student population’s ambitions

  • Socio-demographics, local/international, campus/commuter

  • Where employability and entrepreneurial support needs are most pressing

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Know what great looks like

  • What drives careers service awareness, engagement and barriers to use

  • Preferences for virtual vs. face-to-face

  • Plan careers activities that your students are likely to attend

  • Benchmark your service in the sector now and over time

  • Receive datapoints and verbatim feedback comments

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Helps employer engagement

  • Identify which employer brands and campaigns are the most memorable

  • Partner with the employers your students want to work for

  • Discover which channels your students use to engage with employers

  • Help to position your student talent

We gather data from hundreds of universities and schools to carry out our annual research. These institutions proactively support Cibyl’s surveys in return for free, exclusive and anonymised insight reports.

understand students

When and how do your students make decisions about their future careers and/or next study path?
Which sectors and employers are most popular with your students?
Who or what is most influential on their choices?
Do your students feel that they are getting enough careers information and employability support?
What drives career service engagement?
What do your students expect from their future world of work? How do your students’ views compare with the regional and national averages?
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Our partnership model is simple and effective:

You can request bespoke questions that are...

relevant to your strategy and needs.

You support Cibyl’s School Leaver or Graduate Research by...

sharing the relevant survey with your students in a way and on timescales that work best for you and your team.

If you hit a minimum required level of response...

(usually 100 responses) you will receive a free report revealing the perceptions and career aspirations of your student body v. national average.

Our team will support you...

with marketing collateral and content: all you need to do is figure out how and when you can share the survey with your students.

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We work with employers and educators to understand students: their ambitions, perceptions of sectors and brands, skills needs, candidate experience and wellbeing.