How are students using ChatGPT in their studies and the graduate recruitment process?






ChatGPT is disrupting the world of education and the tools employers use to select graduates. Cibyl ran a poll of students in the first two weeks of May 2023 to understand the extent to which students are now using ChatGPT for assignments, exams and job applications. Half of students said they are using ChatGPT in their studies and nearly half would use ChatGPT for job applications.

Students use ChatGPT most frequently for research, 51 percent. 47 per cent have used ChatGPT to complete course assignments, and 31 percent of students say they have used ChatGPT in exams.

Students are aware that the tool may not always give the right answer, but many commented that the AI responses helped speed up their research and were a good source for discussion points. Only six per cent said they would not use ChatGPT for research and revision. Only 14 percent said they wouldn’t use the tool for exams.

‘The responses from ChatGPT can be very useful for speeding up the googling process while thinking about methods and points of discussion.It's very useful for people that already have knowledge in the subject area, who can do further research into the points ChatGPT comes up with and extend them’, said one student.

The majority of employers now use online tests and video interviews, so Cibyl also asked students if they would use ChatGPT in the selection process. 47 per cent said yes for application forms, 39 per cent said yes for online tests, 37 per cent during online interviews and 38% during assessment centres. Less than 10 per cent said they wouldn’t use ChatGPT for their job applications.

Simon Martin, CEO of Group GTI said, ‘ChatGPT and other AI tools have rapidly become part of a student’s toolkit. People are generally aware of the limitations in terms of accuracy. One student said, “ChatGPT sometimes hallucinates, and it is still very confident in itself when it produced garbage”, but people are perhaps less aware of the risk of dangerous bias in any opinions offered.  Educators and employers have an opportunity to work with Generative AI as it develops’.

Cibyl received responses from 647 students currently studying at UK universities in a survey conducted during May 2023. 32 per cent of respondents were finalists, 33 per cent in their second or middle years, and35 per cent first years.

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