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Cibyl are excited to present a research report they supported for a project commissioned jointly by the Higher Education Policy Institute and Kaplan International Pathways on international students’ experiences of careers and employability support in UK universities. This is an excellent example of the work Cibyl do with the higher education community to support policy, research and ultimately change in the sector. We were delighted to be selected as a research partner on this important project, reaching high numbers of international students to provide a representative perspective.

A total of 1,051 international students from 118 universities took part in the research between 4 and 18 of August 2021, with student groups as follows:

  • 26% of respondents were from the EU and 74% were from outside the EU;
  • 38% were studying for a Bachelor’s degree, 45% for a taught Master’s degree, 9% for a PhD, 5% for a research Master’s degree, 2% for an MBA and 1% for ‘other’;
  • 21% of respondents were in their first year at university, 21% were in their second or middle years, 35% were final year students and 20% had already graduated; and
  • 42% were male, 56% female, 1% non-binary and 1% preferred not to say.
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