Problem Solver

Problem solvers are...

Who you are

Based on your survey answers, your skills, personal values, preferred roles, and what you value in an employer, you have fallen into the category of problem solver! According to your answers, here is how we would describe your career persona:

  • You are likely to constantly seek innovative solutions and embrace feedback and are likely to thrive on exploring the unknown.
  • At university, you may study a course that intellectually challenges you and gives you a chance to exercise your analytical and problem-solving skills. Also take part in activities that provide you with new academic and research skills especially in data analysis, science, and tech. You may go above and beyond your core degree discipline and study additional courses in your spare time, either online or by taking part in university-organised competitions and challenges.
  • Professionally, you are likely to go for an employer that provides you with interesting challenges, high quality training and scope for growth and development. Also focus on employers that are cutting-edge in their respective fields and are focused on solving the problems of the future, rather than maintaining business as usual. You may be motivated by gaining new skills, working with intelligent and ambitious colleagues, and working on projects that you know will have a real and tangible impact on the way society currently operates.

Roles to consider

Below are the sectors and roles you will likely enjoy working in. However, your skills will be valuable in any graduate role and across all sectors.



  • Data Scientist
  • Research Analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Finance manager/ Accountant  
  • Civil Engineer

Skills to work on

You are likely to have high levels of the following skills and competencies, which will make you attractive to graduate recruiters. These are also strengths worth focusing on and developing further in your career to set you apart.

  • Tech skills (AI, cloud computing, coding)
  • Problem solving
  • Data science/ analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Attention to detail

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Top employers

The rankings below give you an overview of the top 100 graduate employers in Ireland, as voted for by students and graduates. Using the information we’ve provided for your career type, you can research the top student employers in your sectors/areas of interest.

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