Social Change Maker

Social change makers are...

Who you are

Based on your survey answers, your skills, personal values, preferred roles and what you value in an employer, you have fallen into the category of Social Change Maker! According to your answers, here is how we would describe your career persona:

  • Your answers indicate you are a caring , values-driven individual with a strong desire to give back. Making a difference is very important to you – whether that is impacting climate change, education, working for the government, or something else, you want to see the work you are doing has value in the world.
  • You are likely to look out for your peers and are not afraid to challenge unfair situations, but equally love to celebrate the success of others hard work. You are always willing to lend a helping hand and will often be seen volunteering or setting up initiatives aimed at positive social change. You may be passionate about making the university experience better for all and could easily assume a leading role in the Students’ Union or become a mentor.
  • Professionally, you may be looking to work in a role and sector where you can make a difference. You are likely to be highly driven and also the importance of wellbeing and mental health therefore prioritising a good work-life balance and job security.

Skills to work on

You are likely to have high levels of the following skills and competencies, which will make you attractive to graduate recruiters. These are also strengths worth focusing on and developing further in your career to set you apart.

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Organisation
  • Communication
  • Creative thinking

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The rankings below give you an overview of the top 300 graduate employers in the UK, as voted for by students and graduates. Using the information we’ve provided for your career type, you can research the top student employers in your sectors/areas of interest.

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