Creatives are....

Who you are

Based on your survey answers, your skills, personal values, preferred roles and what you value in an employer, you have fallen into the category of creative!

  • You are likely to not fit into the traditional corporate mould and prefer to forge your own path. You like to have control over the direction of your own work and to have flexibility in how you go about it. It’s important for you to be in a role or industry that you are passionate about. You probably communicate productively with others and work well as an empathetic team member, connecting with people easily. Equally, you can be creative and productive as an independent worker.
  • At university, you likely explored a range of activities and student societies, with your natural curiosity leading you to seek out new experiences. You may have been involved with creative activities that allowed you to showcase your work to the world: be it exhibitions, performing arts or contributing to the student paper.
  • Professionally, you are likely looking for an industry that gives you the flexibility to explore ideas of your own and to proactively set your own goals. The roles you may be interested in should allow you to create new things - whether that’s telling unique human-interest stories, designing powerful brand images, or producing fine art (and anything in between). You are looking to be part of a sector that fosters curiosity and keeps you connected to the world.

Roles to consider

Below are the sectors and roles you will likely enjoy working in. However, your skills will be valuable in any graduate role and across all sectors.



Skills to work on

You are likely to have high levels of the following skills and competencies, which will make you attractive to graduate recruiters. These are also strengths worth focusing on and developing further in your career to set you apart.

  • Creativity
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Initiative/ self-driven

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Top employers

The rankings below give you an overview of the top 300 graduate employers in the UK, as voted for by students and graduates. Using the information we’ve provided for your career type, you can research the top student employers in your sectors/areas of interest.

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